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Our program focuses on teaching computer programming and robotics to children and young adults ages 10-18. Our program is based on the current STEM curriculum while also introducing students to an even wider range of skills. Students are also encouraged to participate in our seasonal build-off competitions that are tailored to their specific skill level. Our program encourages children to think critically and work as a team to creatively solve problems while building effective leadership skills for the future. Our organization is publically supported and completely free for all participants.

We are a public organization and completely free for all participants.


One of the most interesting pieces of equipment we have is our NASA robot.  This is a huge 8-D.O.F. manipulator that was made for NASA to study the abilities of a robot with 8 independent axes of movement.  Only 4 of these robots were made with the first 2 being sent to JPL (Jet Propulsion Laboratories) and the second two going to LaRC (Langley Research Center).  This particular robot is from LaRC.

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